A Dangerous Precedent–Special Interests Before Parks

Setting a shameful precedent, California State Parks Commissioners voted 5-0 in favor of extending a golf course into Washoe Meadows State Park. In order to make the Lake Tahoe Golf Course development legally possible, the Commissioners downgraded Washoe Meadows from a state park to a recreation area. Lobbied by business interests and a State Parks department that value profits over environmental and park protections, the Commissioners bent to the will of the golf course’s current concessionaire — the American Golf Corporation, the largest owner and manager of golf courses in the world. American Golf is owned by Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs and Starwood Capital. We have filed two lawsuits to protect Washoe Meadows. Click here to see a copy of our 2011 Press Release.

The Washoe Meadows Community believes the river can be restored, the park can be preserved, and golf can continue in the state recreation area on the east side of the river.

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